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Individual Therapy


In today’s fast paced world, we can quickly become overwhelmed. In some cases, we are forced to confront concerns such as a life transitions, relationship difficulties, or motivation struggles all while juggling our day-to-day responsibilities.


You may feel you are losing control of your own thoughts and emotions, allowing your inner critic to take over. You begin to allow your own negativity and anxiety to take the driver’s seat and move full speed ahead. You come up with temporary fixes, burying yourself in work, watching TV, getting lost in a book, or sleeping the day away. Maybe you have tried exercise, meditation, or talking to friends but haven’t experienced significant changes.


When you feel as though you have tried everything but are still being controlled by your thoughts, you may decide it is time to try something different. Individual therapy can provide you with a confidential and safe space to begin to sort through overwhelming thoughts. Whether you are struggling with a life transition, a difficult relationship, anxiety, or sadness, at Covenant Family Solutions, LLC we aim to help you make long-term changes in your life.

What is individual therapy?

Individual therapy is a service provided by a trained professional who uses different techniques to assist you in navigating through your struggles.  People of a wide variety of ages can benefit from having a place to work through areas of their life impacting their mental health. 

Couples Therapy


When there are a million things to focus on, relationships can get placed on the back burner. Between focusing on work, children, school, and all the other events in everyday life, you may realize you and your partner haven’t taken the time to connect and work on yourselves.


You may feel as though you can never express how you are truly feeling or realize your discussion frequently turn into arguments. When you feel disconnected from your partner, it can be helpful to sit down with a trained professional who can help you strengthen your connection. When frequent arguments are plaguing your relationship, your communication isn’t what it used to be, or you feel your focus isn’t on one another anymore, couples therapy can be a beneficial step in your relationship.

What is couples therapy?


Couples therapy is a service provided by a trained provider who uses techniques to assist couples in navigating a variety of relationship struggles. Couples in many stages of relationships can benefit from couples therapy.

Family Therapy


When we feel as though we are not communicating with members of our family, it can result in increased stress in our interactions. In some cases, major changes can impact each member of the family causing distress and increasing conflict.


You may feel as though no one ever says the right thing to one another or your family is constantly struggling with ups and downs. If your family members are struggling to communicate, a trained professional can help each of you learn new ways to work through every day issues. Whether your family as a whole is struggling to communicate or specific family members are having difficulties, family therapy can be helpful in determining concrete solutions. 


What is family therapy?

Family therapy helps families improve and preserve a healthy relationship between everyone in the family system. Family members of all ages can benefit from working together to address difficulties they are facing.


Our providers have experience helping individuals work through depression, trauma, substance abuse, anxiety, low self-confidence, and relationship problems.

We’ve worked with couples facing discord within the relationship, parenting problems, sexual concerns, and communication difficulties. Family concerns we’ve worked with include adjustment to major changes within the family, divorce, conflict between parents and children, unexpected loss of a family member, or working through a specific problem such as a mental health diagnosis or substance abuse. At Covenant Family Solutions, LLC you and your provider will collaborate to develop a plan to work through the issues that bring you to therapy.

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