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Back to School!


It’s that time of the year again when kids go back to school. This transition can be difficult for some kids with the change in routine and structure. It’s important to plan in advance for the transition back to school; such as preparing for a new teacher, new schedule, and new classmates. Here are some ideas to ho help ease the transition back to school:



1.  Get back into the routine: Summer can be a disruptive time for kids, so readjusting to the school life before the first day is important. Start having more school-like hours including bedtime and wake up routines.

2.  Reach out to your child’s teacher: Help your child ease his or her fear about not liking their new teacher. The teacher may be willing to write a little note for him or her to break the ice.

3.  Allow your child to be part of the school supply shopping experience: Go through the item list with your child, have them choose a few items that they will be responsible for choosing, and allow them to make choices that bring a smile to their face.

4.  Communicate: If your child expresses anxiety about the upcoming school year, avoid laughing it off or telling them to, “Get over it.” Their feelings are real and valid and deserve a conversation to help talk them through their worries.

5.   Practice: One way to help kids transition is to give them a “dry run” a day or two before school starts. This can include driving by the building, walking up to the building, and even map out classes if needed.

6.   Eat a good breakfast: A hearty, healthy breakfast will hold them over until lunchtime, especially if your child is not used to having a scheduled eating routine.


If your child has difficulties settling into the school year or you are worried about him or her struggling, it’s better to say something sooner than later. Please feel free to reach out to us at Covenant Family Solutions for support 319-261-2292.




About the Writer: Amber Bennett, LMHC, RPT


Amber is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and

Registered Play Therapist with years of experience

working with children, adolescents, and their families.


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