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What is school-based therapy?   

Covenant Family Solutions, LLC school-based therapy program offers services directly at your child’s school. Skilled providers from Covenant Family Solutions, LLC meet with your child at a scheduled time during their normal school day.  

Why should my child see a school-based provider instead of their school counselor?

School counselors are often focused more on advocating for students’ academic, career, and social/personal development. School counselors are a great resource for students to develop age appropriate competencies as they advance through school.


Sometimes, your child may be going through something that requires a higher level of care than a school counselor is designed to provide. School-based providers utilize a strength-based approach within a variety of modalities to work with students who are going through life difficulties as well as severe mental health issues. Their treatment focuses on specific intervention and evidence-based approaches to ensure you child receives the treatment they need for their mental health concerns. Providers collaborate with parents and school staff to ensure all parties are up to date and engaged in the treatment plan that is designed specifically for your child’s needs. 

Life is busy. It can be difficult to find the time to get your child into therapy. Often, ensuring your child gets to appointments means taking off work, or sacrificing other activities. Covenant Family Solutions, LLC understands that it is not always easy to take time away from life to go to therapy, that is why we offer school-based therapy services! 

How do I get my child scheduled with a school-based provider?  

Currently, Covenant Family Solutions offers school-based services at the following schools:


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Contact Covenant Family Solutions, LLC at 319-261-2292 or email info@covenantfamilysolutions.com if your child attends one of the schools listed above. We would be happy to give your additional information or get your child scheduled with one of our school-based providers!