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What is Medication Management? 


At Covenant Family Solutions, LLC we believe that sometimes one may need medication to help achieve their behavioral health goals.  It is important that medication is monitored, and ongoing discussion occurs with a licensed professional to ensure the right medication and treatment plan is implemented to improve one’s behavioral health.  


The providers at Covenant Family Solutions, LLC invest in patient care by encouraging participation on decisions that are central to one’s health. At Covenant Family Solutions, LLC you can expect a confidential, safe, and trusting environment in which you can talk openly about the mental health concerns of you or a loved one.

Why should I see a nurse practitioner instead of my family doctor?  

Nurse practitioners that work specifically within the behavioral health field have a high-level understanding of mental health diagnoses and the medications that coincide best with a specific diagnosis. They are trained to exercise compassion, empathy, and sensitivity and engage therapeutically with patients as they work to understand their specific mental health needs. Nurse practitioners work to create a treatment plan specific to the individual needs of each patient they see. 

At Covenant Family Solutions, you can expect the following from you or a loved one’s provider:


  • Performance of patient assessments or a comprehensive review of prescriptions as necessary to ensure patients are taking the best medication possible for their mental health goals.

  • Collaboration with individuals and their families to create both short-term and long-term medication treatment plans.

  • Education on medication requirements to ensure they are understood and abided by.

  • Open communication with other medical professionals to ensure the patient receives seamless care.  

How do I get started? 


If you believe medication management is the right choice for you or a loved one, or want more information about medication management, Contact Covenant Family Solutions, LLC at 319-261-2292 or email info@covenantfamilysolutions.com. We would be happy to answer any questions and get you set up for an appointment or free consultation with one of our skilled providers!​