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The Purpose of Covenant Family Solutions


Covenant Family Solutions (CFS) exists to strengthen families through the pursuit of wellness. At CFS we recognize that the family is the basic unit of society and that strong families are crucial for the wellbeing of individuals and society.


Modern Definitions of the Family

We recognize that family structure has undergone significant changes in the last century. At CFS we align with a modern definition of family that is inclusive and open. Families may be built on genetics, kinship, and/or formative shared experiences.


Why are Families Important

There are numerous reasons why families are important to the wellbeing of individuals and society. A few of the core reasons include that families provide for the needs of those who can’t care for themselves, provide a sense of belonging, bolster the psychological and physical health of its members, and teach values. The research is clear that individuals that are members of a health family system function better in a myriad of ways.


Family Systems are Under Immense Stress

In our society families are facing challenges that create stress and have a negative impact on functioning. Beyond the implications of cultural change, family members are often overwhelmed with daily tasks to the point they find it difficult to spend time together. Even when together technology has increasingly intruded on family life and inhibits connection. Mental health concerns among children and adults are increasing, which makes it more difficult for people to have the capacity for genuine and sustained connection.


How Does CFS Help

We strongly believe that healthy individuals contribute to overall family health. Accordingly, we strive to help individuals find greater wellness that they can carry with them back to their families. So, while it is correct to say that we seek to strengthen families, we primarily do so by working with individuals to address their personal mental health concerns. Beyond traditional individual counseling services, we also offer medication management, play therapy, and EMDR. Although we provide numerous individual level services we are known for and excel at delivering family-based treatment as well. We provide family level services such as couples counseling, family therapy, parent child interaction training, and in-home family skills training to support the accomplishment of our purpose.

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